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The Okebet website is owned by Kingwin Ventures, a company that is legally registered in the Republic of the Philippines, has a license from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), and is under the control of. Its official Website is okebet.in.

terms and conditions

Review these terms and conditions carefully. They are the only deal between the Player and Okebet.  Deals, statements, or agreements between the Account Holder and OKBet are listed in terms and conditions.



The following terms and conditions will be used to describe things in these Terms:

Account: You sign up for an account with us so that you can use the Services.

Bonus: Any extra money, deal, or offer that we give you from time to time is called a bonus.

Deposit: Any money you put into your Account.

Winnings limit: The maximum amount you can win from a single bet or a set of bets that are tied to each other.

Minor: Someone younger than 18 or the age at which gaming is allowed in your area, whichever is higher.

Prohibited Territory: Any place where gaming is banned or against the law.

Services: The betting, gaming, and/or gambling goods or services, such as the Website and mobile app for Okebet.com and any other websites or apps that we own or run.

System: A program is any program that we give you to use with the Services.

Transaction: Any bet, wager, or other trade you make through the Services is called a “transaction.”

Withdrawal: Any time you take money out of your account, it is called a withdrawal.



To make an account and use the Services, you must be at least 21 years old or the oldest age at which gaming is allowed in your area, whichever is higher.

You must not live in a territory that isn’t allowed.

There are laws and rules that say you can’t use the Services, so you can’t be one of those people.

You must not be someone we have told before they can’t use the Services.

Account Details

account details

1. Every Okebet customer may select their own Username and Password for their user account. This information should be kept hidden and out of the hands of other people because you are responsible gambler for all bets and events that happen on your Account. You can choose to make “strong authentication” necessary for your Account if you want to. 

2. We’ll send you a temporary PIN number every time you log in to your Account through email or text message if the service is available. This is called strong authentication. Then, when you log in to your Account, you’ll need to enter the temporary PIN number. You might still need to enter a security code if you try to access your Account while it is registered, but strong authentication is not needed.

3. As soon as you remember your password or think or know that someone else knows it, you must change it right away through the Website. You can get help through “Live Chat” if you forget all or part of your login information. We’ll let you know by email to the address linked to your Account every time your password is reset successfully.

4. Please keep in mind that you should never send us cardholder information or any other confidential information through email that isn’t secured.

5. Once you’ve logged in to your Account on the Website, you can see your present balance and a history of all the transactions that have happened in it at any point. From the date of your request to December 1 of the previous year, you will be able to see your transaction information.

Personal Details

personal details

If you want to use the Okebet Services, you must follow the rules in our Privacy Policy, which are part of these Terms and Conditions. For those who use the Okebet Services, you agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy after reading it. In line with our Privacy Policy, we may use information about how you use the Okebet Services, how you registered an account, and any other personal information you give us. 

You give us permission to do so. You also agree that any disagreements about the Privacy Policy, such as any privacy or security breaches, will be governed by the terms of this Agreement, which limit responsibility and set up ways to settle disagreements.

Suspension and Closure

suspension and closure

If you want to close your Account, contact customer support for the fastest way. If your Account has a zero balance, you will have to pay Okebet right away. Your Account won’t be closed until the full amount obligated to Okebet is paid.

Okebet can close your Account or put a hold on it for any reason at any time. Along with the things listed in the last line, Okebet can close or stop your Account if:

(a) you lose all your money;

(b) Okebet thinks you used the Okebet Services dishonestly or for illegal or wrong reasons;

(c) If Okebet believes you have used the Okebet Services dishonestly, lied to or exploited the company or users, or if your Account has been abused to help someone else;

d) Okebet is asked to do so by the cops, a court, or a regulatory body.

Deposits and Withdrawals

deposits and withdrawals


You can only bet with money that has been cleared from your Account. So, you have to put money into your Account before you can place bets. At Deposits/Withdrawals, you can find out more about how to pay, withdraw, and shift money.

Sometimes, you may be given Bonus games that you can use to put money into games or part-fund them. Bonus bets can’t be withdrawn and aren’t part of any profits. Any winnings you get from bets you place this way will be put into your “Withdrawable Balance.” If Bonus Bets are offered, the terms and conditions can be found on the ad page or in an email from us.

This is what you agree to when you put money into your Account: we will hold on to it, along with any wins, and only use them to (a) place bets or wagers and (b) pay for any fees or charges you might incur while using our services (Purpose). You can have your Account closed or suspended if you have a good reason to think that you are putting money without planning to bet or trade on sports. In this case, we might also tell the right people about this.

In exchange, you agree that we can keep any interest that builds up on the money in your Okebet account.

No one who works at Okebet will give you credit, and all of your bets must be backed by enough money in your Account. Okebet has the right not to take action on any bets or wagers that were taken by mistake when the Account did not have enough money to cover them. If funds are added to a customer’s Account by mistake, it is the customer’s duty to notify Okebet right away. Okebet will get those funds back by adjusting your Account.


All withdrawals terms and conditions will be returned to the same credit account used for investment whenever possible. Withdrawals can only be sent to and in the name of the person who has a registered account.

If you have enough money in your gaming account, you can handle withdrawals by clicking “Withdraw” on the Website for most payment types. There is no set limit on the largest amount that can be withdrawn each day, but calls for more than 100,000 pesos may need extra help. Please see Deposits/Withdrawals for full information on each type of payment.

We have a different bank account that is only used to keep the money you asked us to remove safely while it’s on its way to you. We agree that we will keep some of our money in that Account for that one and only reason. In the event that we go bankrupt before the amount you requested is sent to you, you would still own an equal amount in that Account and not the receiver. 

The bank has agreed that the money in that account is only used for the reason that was given. The bank has told us that it will not mix the balance with any other balances, even our other balances and that it does not have any claim on the money.

Once a customer makes a deposit and doesn’t play it through all the way before asking for a withdrawal, Okebet can charge their Account to cover all the fair costs of both the investment and the withdrawal. If necessary, the amount of the payment that was asked for may be lowered.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

amendments to terms and conditions

We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without telling you first. Any changes we make to these Terms and Conditions will take effect as soon as we post them on our Website. You are in charge of regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions to see if they have been changed. If you keep using the Services after changes are made to these Terms and Conditions, it will be taken that you agree to the changes.


Wagering requirements are conditions you must meet before withdrawing bonus winnings; check the specific terms of service of each bonus.

Stay informed by regularly checking for updates on the Okebet website.

Review the reasons for potential account termination and follow the appeal process if applicable.


In the ever-changing world of online gaming, knowing the terms and conditions is key to having a safe and fun time on Okebet. It’s important to read the small print so that your experience goes smoothly and is full of fun and satisfaction.